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Sinai BioDesign has a wide selection of 3D printing technologies as well as materials for 3D printing. These printing systems have the capacity to fabricate models at various stages of development, from initial design concept to late-stage mechanical prototypes. Additionally, Sinai BioDesign has extensive capabilities to print medical models for pre-surgical planning, education, and other clinical applications.

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Sinai BioDesign offers both laser cutting and milling systems for computer-controlled cutting, etching, and scoring operations. Between these two systems, it is possible to machine most plastics and organic materials, as well as certain metals. Both the laser cutter and CNC mill are also available for rental to properly trained personnel. More information is available on iLabs.



Sinai BioDesign can provide parylene surface treatments for any solid object using the SCS Parylene Deposition System. This device very precisely coats parts with a thin layer of parylene, a water-proof, chemical-proof, dielectric, and biocompatible material.