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Sinai BioDesign (SBD) is a multidisciplinary hub for innovation, design, and fabrication of novel medical technologies within the Icahn School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Hospital System. The program enables visionary physicians and surgeons with extensive clinical experience to communicate and translate identified medical needs into commercially relevant technology-based solutions. SBD facilitates the innovation process from refining the clinical need to designing, prototyping, and protecting intellectual property, and, ultimately, commercializing the clinical solution


Fellowship in BioDesign Entrepreneurialism

The SBD fellowship serves as an accelerator for entrepreneurial members of the Mount Sinai medical community who wish to focus their careers toward medical technology innovation. The fellow is fully integrated into the SBD team: creating or joining a pipeline project and taking the innovation from design and development to commercialization. As the team entrepreneur and project CEO, the fellow will lead the project’s business development with the goal of viable business proposition and commercialization plan. The fellow will build relationships with key industry players, and contract research and manufacturing partners through this process. Along the way, the fellow will work deeply with the clinical and engineering innovation team, leading the charge to provide infrastructure and resources to successfully reduce the product to practice through the design and engineering process.


The Sinai BioDeisgn Fellowship focuses on the following themes:

  1. Education: learning the principles of biodesign, from defining a clinical need to engineering a possible solution.

  2. Engineering: participating in the medical device design and development process, prototype manufacture and testing

  3. Engagement: participating in the clinical network of physicians and basic scientists at Mount Sinai to best understand clinical needs.

  4. Entrepreneurialism: understanding the basic concepts of commercialization, including customer selection, solution proposition, and business model development.


  • Take lead on a BioDesign project for design completion and product commercialization

  • Enroll in formal Icahn School of Medicine commercialization coursework

  • Participate in Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP) informal entrepreneurial programs

  • Partake in new Sinai BioDesign projects during early ideation phases

  • Provide material for Sinai BioDesign weekly science lecture series

  • Act as clinical mentor for students of engineering, design, medicine, and other disciplines


Requirements: Candidates for the Sinai BioDesign Fellowship a doctoral degree (MD or PhD), and have relevant training in a clinical setting.

To apply, click the link below and attach CV.

Due date for applications is Dec 31 2019.